Ett Hem London's Enchanting Installation at Basic Space Yoga: A Blossoming Fusion of Serenity and Nature

Ett Hem London, renowned for its timeless and sustainable faux floral creations, collaborated with Basic Space Yoga in March 2023 to craft an ethereal and immersive installation. Embracing the art of mindfulness and the beauty of nature, the installation featured an exclusive artificial bouquet comprising cherry blossoms, proteas, and eucalyptus. This unique collaboration brought together the calming practice of yoga and the enchanting allure of Forever Flowers, creating an unforgettable experience for all who stepped into the sanctuary of Basic Space Yoga.

The Inspiration: Cherry Blossoms, Proteas, and Eucalyptus

In designing the exclusive bouquet, Ett Hem London drew inspiration from the serenity of Basic Space Yoga and the desire to connect participants with the tranquil essence of nature. The bouquet showcased a carefully curated selection of cherry blossoms, symbolising renewal and the ephemeral beauty of life. Accompanied by striking proteas, representing strength and courage, the arrangement exuded a sense of resilience and balance. The stunning simplicity of eucalyptus permeated the space, transporting visitors to a state of tranquility even before their yoga practice began.

The Power of Forever Flowers: Sustainable Beauty

Ett Hem London's commitment to sustainability shone through in this collaboration. By utilising their signature Forever Flowers, the installation embodied the beauty of real blooms while avoiding the environmental impact of traditional floral arrangements. Guests could relish the splendour of the bouquet without worrying about wastage or ecological harm, aligning perfectly with the eco-conscious ethos of Basic Space Yoga.

Go see our beautiful blooms in Basic Space yourself, visit their website here to book your intro offer.



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