Capturing Eternal Beauty: Ett Hem London's Photoshoot with Renowned Photographer Sam Turrell

At Ett Hem London, we are dedicated to crafting luxury faux flowers that embody everlasting beauty and timeless elegance. As part of our commitment to showcasing the enchanting allure of our forever flowers, we had the privilege of collaborating with the esteemed photographer, Sam Turrell. In a stunning photoshoot held in June, Sam skillfully captured the essence of our artificial floral masterpieces, elevating them to new heights of beauty and sophistication.

Meet Sam Turrell: A Visionary Photographer with a Global Perspective

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Sam Turrell has spent the last 12 years traveling the world, seeking inspiration from diverse cultures and captivating landscapes. His creative journey began in London, where he cultivated a passion for photography, curation, and creative direction. Over the years, Sam has worked with a multitude of agencies, brands, and clients from across the globe, showcasing his distinctive style and unwavering commitment to excellence.

The photoshoot unfolded in a symphony of artistry and collaboration, where every bloom was artfully arranged to tell its own story. With a unique blend of digital and film photography, Sam captured each petal's delicate texture and vibrant hues, showcasing the impeccable craftsmanship of our faux bouquets.

Sam Turrell's portfolio speaks volumes of his exceptional work, having collaborated with prominent brands and featured in reputable publications worldwide. His creative vision has graced campaigns for Audi, Poster Magazine, Daquini Activewear, Icone Lingerie, Atelier Juel, Mate The Label, Yogi Bare, Natural Health Magazine UK, a range of Conde Nest featured Hotels, and now Ett Hem London. With a strong presence in Paris and London, his work continues to inspire and captivate audiences globally.

Visit Sam's website at to witness the power of his lens in capturing the essence of beauty, from striking portraits to meticulously crafted products.

Love Ett Hem

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